From the age of 15, I fell in love with the island of Ibiza and have been visiting ever since. So many of my life's greatest memories took place on this relatively tiny rock in the Mediterranean Sea. Its energy, landscape, people and, of course, its parties are legendary. But it's not just the weather, beaches, restaurants and clubs that draw me back every time. It's much more than that. Whether it's Summer high season or the more tranquil Winter months, I am always filled with a burst of joy as soon as I set foot on Ibiza's shores.

In the past few years I've also found a real passion for listening to podcasts. Be they spoken word or music, comedy or science, podcasts are an incredible form of entertainment that, even in 2015, somehow exist below the mainstream forms of media consumption.

So in late 2015 I had an idea. I decided to combine these two loves and give making my own podcast a shot. The premise behind Ibiza Unheard is to speak to those people who themselves have a deep connection to the island and listen to their stories. Where the discussion goes from there, that's up to them. Some of them I already know personally, others are friends of friends and some are strangers to me. At the time of writing I have no idea whether this will ever get more than a handful of listeners, or completely take off. But I'll definitely enjoy the journey.

Thanks for listening.


With thanks to:
Remy van Donk for logo design
Frozen Banana Digital for technical web wizardry  -
Friends and family for their unlimited support
The people of Ibiza for being so damn awesome
And of course all the guests for giving up their precious time to talk to me