#6: Martin Makepeace

San Antonio is the notorious sea-side town in Ibiza that everyone loves to hate. Every year thousands of tourists flock there for its party atmosphere, cheap booze and anything-goes nightlife. Although slowly being overtaken by Platja D'en Bossa as the party capital of Ibiza, San Antonio remains one of the most iconic parts of the island. But is there more to it than parties, drunk tourists and terrible sunburn?

Martin Makepeace has called 'San An' his home since 1991 and is one of the most well-known faces in town. Owner of Ibiza Property Shop, Martin has about as deep a knowledge of the area as possible and is a keen advocate for San Antonio as a both a tourist destination and a place to live.

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#5: David van Ineveld

Years ago, David was a prodigy in the finance world. He was on the fast track to wealth and success, working and playing hard whilst living in Amsterdam. But he never truly felt happy or fulfilled. So he decided to downsize and live a simple, rural life in the Ibiza countryside. Now David spends most of his time in the great outdoors, hiking around Ibiza's most remote spots.

David runs a blog detailing his hiking adventures, always accompanied by his his two dogs He joined us to chat about bold life changes and discovering Ibiza's hidden treasures.

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#3: Stephen Armstrong

Stephen Armstrong is a British author and journalist whose book, The White Island, remains one of the best-selling accounts of Ibiza's fascinating yet little-known history since it was published in 2005. Although not a historian in the typical sense (his work spans culture, music, politics and other areas), his love for Ibiza inspired him to use his exceptional writing talent to explore the island's colourful past - as both an important strategic naval base for some of history's most powerful civilsations and the capital of unbridled hedonism in Europe from 600BC to the present day.

Stephen currently writes for The Guardian, Sunday Times and GQ amongst others. You can find him on twitter at @SArmstrong1984 


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#2: DJ Howard Hill

There are hundreds of DJs in Ibiza each summer, ranging from the global superstars, to kings of the underground and the hopeful part-timers. But there are very few like Howard Hill. At 60 years of age, Howard uprooted his life in the UK to pursue his passion for DJing in Ibiza. He has since been recognised by Space Magazine as the island's best daytime DJ and counts some of Ibiza's most glamorous hotspots as his regular venues.

In this episode we talk about why he made the move to the island, why you should never stop fighting to make your dreams a reality and we discover the inner workings of the mind of an Ibiza DJ - including what the term 'Balearic Music' really means.

You can find more info about Howard at http://eclectikasessions.blogspot.com.es/ 

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#1: Rachel Parsons

Rachel moved from England to Ibiza in 1998 with very little previous knowledge of the island and a dream of creating a better life for her and her three young daughters. 18 years and some remarkable life events later, she is one of the most connected people in Ibiza and a key figure at one of its top hotel resorts. Rachel's story is one of hard work, faith and perseverance and should be an inspiration for anyone who ever wanted to drastically change the path of their lives.

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